The works we produce are snapshots into an ongoing process of experimentation with materials and techniques rooted in traditional craft. We think with our hands; thus we work with our hands. It is the inherent beauty that comes from the interplay of hand and material that drives our work. We discovered long ago that it is often the piece in the act of exploration– the rough, unfinished model– that captures the essence of this beauty. Our work, therefore, is one of creative problem solving where the process is not a means to producing an object; rather the object is a means of representing the process. This act of exploration is as essential to us as breathing and can be viewed as a translation of our travels and experiences into form. The subjects of our work are derived from the patterns encountered in our daily lives and serve as the topography that our work strives to record. It is through this interplay of hand and material that we develop a narrative tension between the subject and its recorded evidence, thus establishing an ambiguous reading: hard or soft; static or fluid; positive or negative; module or whole; art or design.

Joyce Rosner & Michelle Bayer

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